RED at CMF Schools


The team at RED Digital Cinema has been making the rounds at select Campus MovieFest schools to show off their latest gear to the next generation of filmmakers like you! Stay tuned right here for updates on future CMF schools that RED plans to visit, and check out what else RED has going on at

Tribeca Film Festival Review: EATING LUNCH


This week some members of the Campus MovieFest crew had the opportunity to attend some screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and see some incredible work by up-and-coming artists. Here’s a review for the film EATING LUNCH by CMF Video Manager Caitlin Wert:

Watching short films can be a very intimate experience, particularly because so much vital information is offered in such a limited duration. There is no time to be coy; there is only time to draw the viewer into the story. TriBeCa’s Skin Deep series of shorts is full of pensive pieces that prompt true emotion. The stand out for me is Eating Lunch, a Swedish film by director Sanna Lenken that focuses on a group gathering for lunch in an eating disorder clinic. The story follows Klara, a returning patient played by a very convincing Elina Sandberg, as she attempts to finish her meal in 30 minutes. Much to Klara’s dismay, not only does she have to deal with her own self-judgments while eating, but she also has to process the added stress of a very neurotic new patient who has no problem being vocal about her worries.

Lenken does a fantastic job of putting the audience directly into the situation and transferring Klara’s concerns over to us; you simply cannot help but feel uncomfortable when watching this film. As the narrative progresses, you empathize more and more with Klara to the point where you can personally feel her anxiety as if you were experiencing it yourself. Anyone who has ever dealt with an eating disorder or who knows someone else who suffers will appreciate the reality that Eating Lunch presents. The act of eating lunch is such a “normal” thing for many of us, but this film challenges that mindset by putting a spotlight on how difficult eating can actually be for people who have eating disorders. The subject is a tough one to handle, but Lenken does it with skill and grace.

I consider a film successful when it evokes authentic emotion. Without a doubt, Eating Lunch accomplishes this feat. In the span of 13 minutes, Lenken makes us feel tentative, uneasy, and hopeful in a very real way. This is a film that will resonate with you long after you have left the theater.

University of North Carolina - Greensboro CMF Results are in!!!

With our fearless leader - Matt Garcia (AKA GARC) we’re taking UNCG by storm! 


See pics from launch! 

San Jose State Has Record CMF Launch!

Wow, what an incredible event CMF is at SJSU.  We are excited that we had another record year with several hundred students making their movies.  We can’t wait to see the results.  Check out pictures from SJSU Launch!

Film A Movie In A Week - The 2012-2013 Tour Has Officially Begun!

With an an awesome launch at UC Berkeley last week, we’re rolling through California, Arizona, and more as we kick off our Fall tour!  Check out the calendar of events

CMF Atlanta Team Interviews Taylor Schilling For Her Role in The Lucky One


Watch the latest CMF Luminary video with Taylor Schilling starring in the new Zac Efron/Nicholas Sparks film - The Lucky One.

Taylor Schilling talks about her upcoming film The Lucky One, working with co-star Zac Efron, the casting process, and advice for young filmmakers!