Feb 07


Another launch, another record broken by the FloBo team! The University of Tampa, a CMF school since 2005, had the most equipment pickups and student participants in its history on Tuesday, promising to bring an incredible crop of movies next week. Click here to check out more photos from the Tampa event.

Feb 01

Two Packed Finales, One Epic Night


It’s uncommon for there to be two CMF Finales in one night but that’s exactly what went down yesterday as both UGA and Bama came out in droves and packed their red carpet screenings. With a combined attendance of well more than 1000, the night also featured a performance by Improv Athens at the UGA Finale, some incredible prizes and a little friendly Twitter banter between the two SEC rivals. Click the pics for links to the photo albums.image

Jan 29

Math: The Musical

The first CMF Best Picture winner of 2013 has arrived! Written and directed by first-time CMF participant Lucas Parker, MATH: THE MUSICAL premiered last Thursday at the sold-out CMF Finale at the Georgia Institute of Technology (see photos from the event). As Best Picture winner, the team received a 12-month subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, a customized director’s chair and their movie will screen at CMF Hollywood this June. MATH: THE MUSICAL is the story of a boy who loses his faith in mathematics but finds help from a really unlikely hero.

Jan 26

Satellite Tour


Another year, another National Championship, and most importantly another successful Launch at the University of Alabama by our Satellite tour! The three-person team features two former CMF interns-turned fulltime staffers Ben and Josh and are joined by steady vet J.R., who’s now making her third trip to Alabama for CMF. After Tuscaloosa the Satellite tour will be found heading north to the Carolinas and eventually wrapping things up in Philadelphia and Jersey.

Jan 22

FloBo Tour


After a grueling 8-hour drive from CMF HQ in Decatur, GA to Orlando, the FLOBO team has finally arrived in Florida! With Nate, Nishant and Caitlin returning from a record-breaking tour in NorCal and adding Super-Intern Jaime to their team, the FLOBO Tour is ready to take Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville by storm! In between events at UCF, UNF, USF and UT the FLOBO Tour has already been spotted Wizarding it up at Harry Potter World and watching Nikola Vucevic do his best Dwight Howard impersonation for the Orlando Magic.

Jan 10

And We’re Off!

The CMF spring semester has officially begun! The Georgia Institute of Technology had an incredible, packed launch on Wednesday with a great mix of both first-time and veteran filmmakers picking up Panasonic HD Cameras and MacBook Pros (now with Adobe Creative Suite!). Their mission: Create a great five-minute movie in just one week’s time and compete to win these coveted directors chairs:

These bad boys go to the Best Picture, Best Drama and Best Comedy winners at all of our spring schools, and they’re just a few of the very cool prizes that will be awarded at our red carpet finales this semester. Good luck Ramblin’ Wreck! We can’t wait to see your movies on Tuesday!

Jan 08

Roll Tide!

A hearty congratulations from the CMF Team to the Alabama Crimson Tide, who defeated Notre Dame 42-14 in the BCS National Championship. CMF at the University of Alabama has grown steadily since its beginnings in 2007, in large part due to the contributions of filmmakers such as Xavier Burgin, Alex Beatty, Hamilton Henson, Andrew Carey, Thomas Coiner and many many others. But our favorite CMF/Alabama themed movie has to be this classic from all the way back in 2012. Roll Tide!

Jan 04

Love Digital: Fall 2012 Retrospective

Our final movie lookback hails from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and is an incredible video game tribute called LOVE DIGITAL by Jesse Ashe. Jesse previously made Black Smoke 236, a campus finalist at UNCG in 2011. The song used in the movie is You Move Me by Don Winsley—more info on the artist can be found on his Facebook Page.

Jan 02

Noircolepsy: Fall 2012 Retrospective

Our next film hails from NorCal’s San Francisco State University, which saw a record turnout of nearly 100 amazing short films in 2012. NOIRCOLEPSY is a hilarious and fresh perspective on the film noir genre by Matthew Caulfield. The film follows Joe, a man living with a mysterious condition that’s negatively affecting his life—most importantly, his love life. 

This is Matthew’s first Campus MovieFest film and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the years to come.

Dec 27

Fall 2012 Retrospective: Under the Bed

With colleges on break and our next CMF moviemaking week still nearly two weeks away, now’s the perfect time to catch up on some of our favorite movies from the Fall semester that may have flown under the radar. First up from our AZ/SoCal Tour: UNDER THE BED, a creepy horror/thriller from the University of Arizona by Genesis Film and directed by Brad Wong. Genesis Film has brought us some CMF classics the past few years, including the 2011 UA Best Drama winner Dr. Shelley and the 2012 UA Best Picture winner Friend Zone.